Teaching English to Young Learners

6 + 6 Hour Online Course

Who is this course for?

     This course is for EFL teachers, teacher managers and trainers who wish to enhance their career and learn more about teaching in this specialized area of young and very young learners of English.

Why this course?

     This online Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) course is designed specifically to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified English teachers of young and very young learners. The objective of this 6-hour online course is to help you get familiar with the different aspects of teaching English to children, whether pre-school or primary school age so that you can build a solid foundation and have confidence in teaching this age group. Besides the essentials of teaching children, the course aims to give lots of additional ideas and useful tips that teachers can use throughout the academic year. Once you have completed the course, you will have a wealth of the most up-to-date materials to help you.

Course Outline 6 + 6 Hours

Module 1 – [4 Hrs]

  • An introduction to TEYL
  • Teaching phonics and sight words
  • A Closer Look at the Generation Gap – Gen Z NEW
  • Classroom Management Tips and Applications UPDATED
  • Gamification: How to Design a Gamified Course NEW
  • Mother Tongue: To Use or Not to Use NEW

Module 2 – [4 Hrs]

  • Storytelling and drama activities
  • How to Prepare and Develop an Effective Lesson Plan NEW
  • Teaching Reading: Phonics and Sight Words UPDATED
  • The Latest Trends in Classroom Design NEW
  • How to Use ESL Videos in the Class NEW
  • Effective Use of Class Books and Craft Activities UPDATED
  • Creating Your Own Materials: Create Images, Games and More… UPDATED

Module 3 – [4 Hrs]

  • Educational games and activities
  • Recent essential EdTech resources UPDATED
  • How to Work with Parents the ‘Right Way’ NEW
  • How to Deal With Struggling Learners UPDATED
  • Summer Activity Ideas NEW
  • Fun Ways to Group Your Students NEW

This course was originally designed for My English School.     

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This video was recorded one of the English teachers who attended the Online course. 

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