01 | Teacher Training

The topics/content of the training is as follows. You can choose the topics and create your own seminar program.

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Some of them:

  • All about digital escape rooms – Breakout edu – Escape the Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Teaching in Digital Age: A Closer Look at the Generation Gap
  • Gamification in the Elementary Classroom: How to Design a Game-Inspired Course
  • Coding in the Classroom. What is Coding? Why is it so important? What can ESL teachers do about it?
  • Mindfulness in the English Classroom
  • Differentiation / How to teach Mixed-Ability Classes
  • Child Development Characteristics
  • Classroom Management
  • Storytelling / Drama Techniques
  • Educational Games: Flash Card Games, Online Resources, Tabletop Games
  • Effective Use of Songs / Class Books / Craft Activities
  • Phonics
  • Lesson Planning
  • Team building

02 | Parent Seminars

Parent seminars which aim to reach parents of kindergarten or primary level children; are designed to answer parents’ questions about English teaching and learning outside of the school.

‘İngilizceyi Eve Taşıyın’

Seminar content:

  • Considering English training, what can be done outside of the school?
  • What should not be done?
  • Educational games that you can play with your children.
  • What should be the approach to English homework?
  • Educational activity examples.
  • Online / technological sources you can use.
  • What is European Language Portfolio? What level should your child be at, according to the framework? Progress analysis.

03| Curriculum Development

Even though you have a good class book, just one resource can remain incomplete in providing a rich curriculum. You may want to enrich your yearly program with different activities such as projects, games, drama activities, online activities, gardening, cooking, experiments or family participation.

So even if you don’t use any class books, I can provide you a program in order to spend active and efficient English classes.

I can provide you support and contribute to your English programs. If you are interested in such a plan, you can contact me anytime.