Favorite Worksheets Compilation | Bitmoji Classroom

Distance learning has introduced us lots of digital resources for sure and liveworksheets is one of my favorites. I was sending kids online games and worksheets, especially listening activities that they can easily do by themselves. I wanted to create a folder for our favorite worksheets, that’s why I made this Favorite Worksheets Compilation Bitmoji […]

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kalev kindergarten bitmoji classroom

Bitmoji Classroom | 7 Different Classroom Design

I’ve finally finished our English Bitmoji Classroom and today we sent it to our kids! I can’t wait to hear their feedback on Monday! This is our kindergarten Bitmoji Classroom with 5 extension rooms, which I share with my beautiful partner Ms. Ekinci <3 So, it goes like this: We have a main classroom where […]

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Bitmoji Virtual School | with a Video Tutorial

I spent my whole summer reading and watching Bitmoji Classroom tutorials and articles and finally when we reopened the school, I said why don’t we welcome our kids and parents back with a virtual welcome back to school message: Bitmoji Virtual School So what I have done was totally insane! I collected everyone’s bitmoji avatars […]

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