LEGO Challenge Cards Set (36 Cards) Freebie + Template

If you have a Lego set (or anything like Lego would work too 🙂 just download this challenge card set and play with your students or kids at home.

At school we have an instant challenge club; and actually most of these LEGO challenges were written by our club students.

You know what we have done with this set: We planned a Lego Challenge week at our school! It goes like this: Grade 1 – Monday, Grade 2 – Tuesday, Grade 3 – Wednesday…

You need 40 minutes.

A lego set.

and the Lego Challenge cards…

Click here to see some examples.

Click here to download the ready to use printable Lego Challenge card set pdf file.

Click here to download the Lego Challenge card template. (You can download the template and design your own ones).


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the Turkish Lego Challenge Set click HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Download now, thank me later 🙂

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