Add Fun to Crossword Puzzles

Since my first graders have learnt to read and write, I’ve been giving them word search puzzles; but this time I thought that we need a little bit more challenge, so I prepared a crossword puzzle with this website:

Normally a crossword puzzle has some clue sentences but it would be too difficult and boring for my students, so I had to give them the clues in a different way! I could add the pictures and words on their handouts but instead of pasting images on the paper, I’ve decided to prepare a huge ‘clues display’ on the floor! 🙂

I put the cards on floor and wrote the numbers with a boardmarker.

And added the word cards so that my students can find the words and write them in the puzzle.

How to play: What is number 1? Kids look at the flashcards above and see that it is a circle. Then they should find the circle word card to write it in the puzzle. That’s all!

You know what? Kids got crazy to find all of the answers and they had definitely a good time!

Next time, I will try to figure out how I can add a secret – password word to the puzzle for more fun 🙂

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