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Drama Script Freebie “Noisy Monkeys”

Have you read Pearson Jamboree Story Time’s “You Noisy Monkey” before? We have the whole set at school and this is one of my favorites. Actually, all of the books are amazing and I can tell that they all are inspirational.
‘Noisy Monkeys’ is not just a perfect story to read; it is also suitable for using as a drama activity. You can have your students act it out in the classroom or you can put it on stage as an end of year show or for any other special event.
Moral message: Our physical appearance and interests are not what matters to be good friends or to be accepted by the society. What truly matters is our positive qualities such as respect, honesty, kindness etc. Most important of all this play shows us that we shouldn’t be prejudiced against the newcomers in our society.
Scroll down to see some sample pages from the PowerPoint.


Sample pages from “Noisy Monkeys” drama PowerPoint.

By the way, I found this “You Noisy Monkey” Retelling and Readers Theater on TPT. Click on the picture to go to the TPT store.

Download Noisy Monkeys Drama Script PDF HERE.

Download Noisy Monkeys PowerPoint HERE.

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