Baabooom! Inspired Drama Script Freebie

When I read Pearson Jamboree Story Time’s “Baabooom!” story, I thought it would be perfect to have my students act it out. I wrote my own version with lots of characters and put it on stage for the end of year show. Kids had a great time even during rehearsals as it is fun and it has a funny ending 🙂

It goes like this:

There is a little chick who wants to blow a balloon. (5 chicks in total but you can use 1 or more)
It tries; but cannot do it.
And feels sad.
Then a bee comes along and asks ‘What’s the matter?’
The chick explains the situation and asks for help.
The bee blows the balloon and gives it back to the chick. (There is a small size balloon).
The chick says ‘thank you’ but is not satisfied with it as it wants a bigger one.
The chick is sad again.
Then another animal comes… and it is the same… (Each time the balloon gets bigger).
Till the horse comes…The horse blows the balloon and it becomes huge (I used a pilates ball for this on the stage).
And the horse hands the balloon (the Pilates ball) to the chick and the chick flies off the stage 🙂

So, if you need any help or more details about the play, please contact me anytime; I would love to help you.
And of course, if you put it on stage or use it in the classroom please send me photos 🙂
Click here: Baabooom_inspired_drama_script_teachaboo to download the script.
See you around!

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