GoNoodle Time to Vote Poster Freebie

On our Facebook GoNoodle Community, Karen shared her lovely ideas about choosing and voting champs and said:

“I have some suggestions about the page for choosing a new champ. I love all the

old and new champs, but it would really help if they all fit on one page without having to scroll down. 

So, when I read that I realized that these are the same things I feel about it and decided to create a poster 🙂 So here you are:

Hope you like it 🙂

How to use: I would print it out and laminate or cover with DC-fix.

                      Then, while choosing the champ point each one and ask

                      ‘Who wants … (champ’s name)?

                      And write the number on the poster (as it is covered you can clean the                           marker later on)

**The second poster with names on is for teachers who wants to read the champs’ names to the students.

Click HERE to download the Word document with the posters.

Any other suggestions?


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