Mini Boards Spelling Practice

I’ve bought these mini white boards just for 1$ and planning to use them for the early finishers. My first graders can pick a flashcard from the card box, look at the picture first and try to write it on their board. Then, they can turn the card to read and check the word to control their spelling.
Useful tip!
If you don’t have a mini board like this, you can make yourself one!
Just with 2 materials:
*White paper
* A punched pocket (uk) / A sheet protector (us)
It is VERY important to use sheet protectors with a very smooth surface; otherwise when you write on it with the marker it is not easy to clean it from the surface. It should be transparent and smooth like glass.
*Place the white paper in the sheet protector, tape it so the paper won’t fall off. Then, your board is ready to use!
If you want a stronger one, you can glue the paper on a thick piece of cardboard.
Have fun!

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