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Virtual Instant Challenge #1

We had our first Virtual instant Challenge on the last day of the first term and it was amazing! Our primary and secondary grades did it in their English lessons and one of the homeroom teachers Buse <3 helped me with her 3rd graders.

If you are familiar with Destination Imagination and did some of the instant challenges already, you know what I’m talking about. If not, let me explain shortly what is an instant challenge.

Virtual instant challenge for online lessons - Teachaboo
Virtual instant challenge ideas for online lessons – Teachaboo

What is an Instant Challenge?

So, you give kids a problem to solve, a mission to complete, a performance to act out or any thing which will make them think and act in a very short time. Plus they are not alone – they are a part of a team they should follow and listen to…

One of the most popular challenges is this one below. You give kids some pasta, sticky paper and ask them to build the longest tower possible in 5 minutes.

In that 5 minute time, kids need to come up with ideas, share it with their team members and act out!

Virtual instant challenge for online lessons - Teachaboo KALEV İlkokulu Primary School DI Club 2016
KALEV İlkokulu Primary School DI Club 2016

When kids are too young or it’s their first time, it is mostly about fighting over who’s gonna do it. Good news is they learn how to be a team in time. They learn their strengths and step forward when they feel it is good for the group’s needs.

Even if you don’t participate in the Destination Imagination event, you can still have this as a “club activity”. You can even use these challenges as time fillers whenever you have extra couple of minutes.

At my school we have been doing these challenges for about 4 years as a whole school activity. Every month, we pick an after lunch hour and divide kids into groups of 6-8 and the whole school at the same time is doing a challenge. It is Fun!

Unfortunately, after schools were closed because of the corona virus, we somehow didn’t think of these activities and they stayed in shadow till now. Last week suddenly it came to me as an instant message 😀 from the DI fairies and I said “Why don’t we have virtual instant challenges?” Why not!?

Virtual Instant Challenge:

This challenge is one of the easiest and classical ones. Kids will build a tower. I designed this on purpose as this was our first-ever virtual instant challenge. Also, I didn’t wanna bother parents with an endless shopping list. 😀

Here are some pictures from our online instant challenge day:

KALEV İlkokulu Primary School Virtual instant Challenge Day 2021 January
KALEV İlkokulu Primary School Virtual instant Challenge Day 2021 January

Materials: 50 cm aluminium folio, 3 pencils

Challenge: Using these materials, build a tower as long as possible. It should remain standing for 10 seconds. When time’s up you cannot touch it.

Time: 5 minutes

Download the Online Instructions Tool

I’ve prepared a visual instructions tool so that everyone can see everything they need to! This was great help for both the teachers and kids as nobody missed a thing.

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Teachaboo on Linktree
Teachaboo on Linktree

You can use this link in your lesson – preview mode:

Click here to download a COPY of the Online Instructions Tool.

I hope you liked this whole virtual instant challenge idea <3 Our kiddos liked it for sure ^_^ It was a refreshing break to an ordinary school day.

If you have any ideas to share with me I would appreciate it.

Thank you for being here <3

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