decorate your classroom clock freebie

Decorate Your Classroom Clock – Template Freebie

After a long summer break, I’m back with new stuff to share! 🙂 This time I’ve decided to create a simple template for my classical flower clock – for the ones who are not that sure about how to do it.

Let’s have a look at how to do it step by step.

f you want to print it on A3 size paper follow these steps:
Open the pdf file – Click Print – Choose A3 Size Paper – Choose Original Size – Click print to Print
As this is a template don’t worry about the quality of the drawing 🙂 You will cut it out to anyways.

I’ve used A4 size colored paper. (The bright ones – different from ordinary paper).








So, print out the template, cut the petal out and place it on a colorful paper to trace it.
Laminate the colorful petals.
Stick them together on a tick circle cardboard. Punch a hole to hang it on the clock nail.

Punch a hole to hang it on the clock nail.

Turn it to see the beautiful colors. And hang it!

Hope you like it!

See you around!

Click HERE to download the template.

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