Magic Colors Experiment – Easy and Fun!

If you haven’t done this yet, don’t hesitate, just do it! 🙂 My little ones really enjoyed the whole process and absolutely loved the idea of creating magic so easy that even they can do it themselves to impress their family and friends 🙂

You only need some:

  • colorful chocolate buttons,

  • some warm water,

  • and a plate.

  • And as it is an experiment, you will need a report to have some feedback from the students and to be sure they got the idea out of it! 🙂

You can download the exact same experiment report pdf file by clicking HERE

How to do it:
What I did was, I showed them how to place the buttons then took them out of the plate and let my students do it again. This time I wanted them to put the buttons by listening to my instructions.’Now, put one green chocolate button, then put a yellow chocolate button, next…’
After that I had them touch the water bottle filled with warm water. And whenever they touched it I wanted them to say ‘It’s not hot water, it’s warm water’ 🙂
Then as you can also see in the video below, the magic happens…

So, did it work for the kids in terms of teaching English?

Definitely YES!

They already knew the colors but at the end of the process, they have learnt and revised things like:

‘warm / cold water – chocolate drops, first, then, put the red one, take the red one, how many, put it on the plate, a plate, food coloring’

And most importantly, they had lots of fun! And you know what? Me too 🙂

So, it rally helps to include some different activities in lessons and doing fun experiments is definitely one thing you should add to your yearly plans!

If you try it and use the experiment report, please share a picture and let us know!


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