Using .GIF Images in Class

While I was playing around with .GIFimages and trying to create my own, and experience that it was SO EASY to make one, I thought ‘How can we use this in class?’

Then, dear Phil Calogeridis came up with this lovely idea and shared it with me:

”I recently used the following GIF image with my C2 adults in a vocabulary review PPT to illustrate the expression: “keep a straight face”. 10-year old Ss as a follow up of a Present Continuous (or Simple Past) review, I would ask them to create their own gif images in class, doesn’t take long, and then share as a class. I haven’t done it yet but I will certainly do it.”

Why not?

Looks fun.
We can also have our students create one for themselves and make a short presentation or share it on our class blog.
makeagif.comThis is my first GIF image 🙂 Go to and create your own!

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