Weather Chart Freebie Link

A couple of weeks ago I’ve found this amazing weather chart and directly printed out, laminated and hung it in the classroom!
It is printed on A3 size paper, so it is definitely not a tiny one! It looks great!


I’ve used glue tack to stick it on the wall and tried to keep kids’ height in mind in order to have them all reach it and play with it.

Right now, at the beginning of the lesson each day, I ask the question and pick one of the students to stick the ‘Today is…’ piece on the appropriate weather picture.

Later on, I’m planning to have a weather captain for that week who asks his/her friends about the weather and sticks the cards to their places.

Click here to visit the lovely blog rowdyinroom300 and download this amazing weather chart freebie!

What does your weather chart look like?

See you around! 🙂

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