Alphabet Museum Booklets Freebie

After the super cool opening ceremony of our Alphabet Museum 🙂 we didn’t stop there and decided to take all the classrooms to an Alphabet Museum School Trip! :)) Our school has this system that in every trip they go, they also get a trip booklet to explore the place in a better way… So, I’ve decided to design our booklet so that the students will have the chance to visit the museum and spend an hour sitting in front of it and do some activities about it!

It was great! It take a whole lesson to visit and talk about the museum and finish the activities in the booklet…

So, please scroll down to see the photos and sample pages and download the ones for your levels!

Grade 2 Booklet
Grade 1 Booklet
BLANK Editable Booklet Template
Grade 3 BookletGrade 4 Booklet

The font I’ve used for the title is: Earwig Factory (you can download it from )


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