Steve and Maggie Inspired Worksheet

Thanks to Steve and Maggie videos, I started to include more videos in my lesson plans again

These videos are just perfect for young learners as they are both fun and creative! And I’m sure you can find videos about any topic.

My kiddos love Steve and Maggie! And yessss! Me too!

So, if you haven’t met Steve and Maggie yet, don’t skip this! You can start with this video about Body Parts / Face and use the worksheet as a supplementary activity.

As teachers we all know that having a video attached to our lesson plan really works especially when we follow the ‘Educational Steps.’ Do you follow these steps?

  • Pre-Video

  • During Video

  • Post Video Activities

OK, I’ll not try to explain them here- maybe I can write about those steps in detail on another post. (and it goes on my To-do list 🙂

Bu I’ll definitely tell,

What I do with these videos after watching:

– Drama Activities / Act outs

– Craft Activities / Worksheets

– Recording Voice Overs- I use Photo Story 3.0 for this – Previous post on How to use Photo Story 3.0

About this Worksheet:

After we watched this video above – the main part starts at 1.30 – I gave kids dice and wanted them to roll them for me.

As they rolled the dice, I drew a monster on the board.

This way they learnt the steps to draw a monster by using dice.

By the way, they were learning how to say ‘It’s got 4 eyes / draw 4 eyes.’

Then, I handed them the A3 sized worksheets and some dice. And said:

Now it’s your turn!

They loved it!

Click here to download the PDF file!

Thank you Steve!

And Maggie of course 🙂

What do you do after watching a video in class?

What are your favorite videos?

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