Minion Rush Homework Edition

Kids love Minions! Not just kids actually, as an adult I also love Minions 🙂 So, why don’t we use this as a motivational tool to make kids follow their homework more willingly?
That’s why I created a Minion Rush Homework Edition pack 🙂 And I’m sharing it with you as I know you will love it too! Give it a try 🙂
What do you need?
D – C Fix (or something else to cover the posters – sticky back plastic)
The A3 size posters
! For a better use cover all of the materials with sticky paper !
How to use it:
Kids need to collect 5 bananas (which means they should do 5 homework) to get a badge and take it with them.
When they bring the homework, you can move his/her minion character 1 level further.
Don’t forget to write kids’ names on the back of the minions.
Each level they will have 1 more banana, as you know Minions love bananas 🙂
At the end of the poster they will have 5 bananas, and it means they can choose 1 of the biggest badges and take home!


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