Escape the Classroom Game Pack Freebie no.10 | Welcome Back to School

So… Are you ready to start the year ONLINE?

Ok, don’t get demotivated… We already know what to do, because we have been there and had it when we weren’t even ready. And now we know.

We also know that it is very important to design interactive online lessons as kids get easily distracted or bored during virtual lessons. It is already like that when you have face to face lessons 😀 so, we need to keep this in mind while preparing our distant learning curriculum.

Back to School | Digital and Printable Escape the Classroom Game

For more tips and ideas you can read my posts about teaching online with young learners and see detailed lesson plans and flows by clicking on the “online lessons” tag from the main page.

As I was searching for things to do during our first week; I saw some nice worksheets in about “school rules” and “school objects” BUT as some of you already know, I don’t like to use things I haven’t done by myself 😀 If it’s not an emergency I would sit and create my own materials or even if there is a nice worksheet to use; I would make changes on it so it feels a little bit OK for me to use it ‘:)

Anyways, 😀

This time, I have used some nice worksheets to prepare a fun and educational digital escape the classroom game for the first week of the school.

If this is your first time here and you want to learn more about Digital Escape the Classroom games, you may want to check my first blog post and if you want to download more games you can click the #escapetheclassroom tag from the main page.

It is for our 3rd and 4th graders (CEFR A1 – A2, GESE 3 – 4, CYL Movers – Flyers) but as I always say, you can play these games with any level above just for fun or as a time filler!

This is how the game looks like. It has 7 sections.

Soon, I’m gonna share a “How to prepare a Digital Escape Room” tutorial – screen record YouTube video. Please, stay in touch ^_^

Topics Covered: Welcome back to school, school rules, classroom rules, school objects

As I said before, if you are planning to use it in your online lessons you can check my previous posts to see how I’ve done it.

Click here to download the 10th Digital Escape the Classroom Game Pack pdf file.

Click here to get the Answer Key.

Thank you for being here ^_^

Keep calm and play games <3

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    1. You need to use the QR Code on that page (if you want to open the game on a mobile device) or you can use the “link” on the same page and write it on your browser to reach the game.

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