Online Lessons with 4-6 year olds | Lesson Plan #3

Here I am with another lesson plan, but this time I’m not gonna tell you step by step what we have done instead; from now on I’m gonna try to write only what worked best for us.

As I said in the first two blog posts about teaching online very young children, it may give you some cramps – YES – but if you keep things interactive, you will see that it is actually not that bad.

If you haven’t seen the previous plans I’ve shared, please check them as they are more detailed step by step plans with nice tips to use in your lessons.

This week I have decided to use our course book more effectively. Normally, I was writing what our parents should do with the book pages. It was like a weekly plan for parents to do at home. Then I realized that only couple of parents are actually doing those book pages with my kids! (which is totally cool as I also have a little one at home, it is crazy hard to put your … things together).

So, if I already see my kids online, why should they do all the book activities with their parents?

Before I cause any misunderstandings let me tell you first that I’m not telling kids to open their books during the online lesson and we do the page together just like we are in the classroom! NO… That would be a waste of time!

Instead, I wrote in the weekly program (for the parents, yes) which pages my kids should do before my lessons…

For example, there was this page where they needed to decorate a t-shirt (our topic is clothes). During our lesson, I asked them to show me their t-shirts and I had them talk about it one by one…

We are not gonna do every single page in the book; but I will definitely make use of some pages which can be used for interactive speaking activities.

Another thing that I really wanna show you is this lovely “Guess the …” video from YouTube.

My lovely partner Yağmur Denizhan sent me a video with a guessing activity! It is perfect for online lessons! If you watch the video, you will see that kids need to guess what clothing item is being drawn… I stopped the video just before the picture appears to listen what my kids saying.

Kids love guessing! That’s why we can use these kinds of videos, flashcard activities (like fast flash or slow reveal) or create our own hidden pictures game.

How to create hidden pictures game

For the following week, I asked my kids to complete couple of activities from the book to have “show and tell” activities during our next online lesson.

If you don’t use a course book, you can still ask your students to draw something or make a craft activity you can talk about in your online lesson.

I don’t recommend you to send worksheets as not all the families have their own printers at home.

Also, I’m planning to do some pages during our online lesson, too. But these pages will take mostly 5 minutes. Most probably, they are gonna be listening activities like “Number 1 is the yellow dress, write number 1 in the box” or ” Circle the blue coat.”

We’ll see.

What worked best for you? Any tips?

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