New Year Mindfulness Activities for Kids #4

This month’s mindfulness for kids activities will focus on a wonderful theme: New Year! I’m not gonna use a new story read aloud, we will practice some yoga poses and breathing techniques with the help of New Year & Christmas visuals.

I have found great Christmas – New Year mindfulness for kids freebies to print out or share online. Here is the first one I wanna show you. These are deep breathing posters you can download and use in the classroom. Actually there are more of them in this website but these are the ones I wanted to use for this month 🙂

Teachaboo New Year Mindfulness Lesson Plan
Teachaboo New Year Mindfulness Lesson Plan

New Year Deep Breathing for Kids

Free Christmas Deep Breathing Posters –

Christmas Tree deep breathing Exercise poster freebie.

Candy Cane deep breathing exercise free poster.

Christmas Gift deep breathing exercise poster freebie.

New Year Yoga Poses for Kids

Here is the second poster which will be perfect to use for New Year theme lessons. My kiddos already know these yoga poses from our first lesson plan, so it will not be the first time they practice these moves. Only the vocabulary will be different which is gonna be great!

Christmas yoga poses for kids –

This poster is super useful but I have to show my students what these words mean. That’s why I needed to create a new pack to teach them the meanings of the moves. “Candle, log fire, moon, new year tree and snowflake” are the images I’ve added next to the original visual I’ve taken from Kids Yoga Stories.

New Year – Christmas inspired yoga poses download

I think this lesson plan looks OK <3 I don’t wanna squeeze things this month, so next month I will be recommending a new app I’ve found for kids.

Have you seen our Mindfulness Bitmoji Classroom? You can download a COPY of it here: 7 different bitmoji classroom designs.

You can visit my Linktree and see some other freebies you may wanna use!

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Teachaboo Mindfulness Bitmoji Classroom

or you can visit it in preview mode to view the latest changes without downloading a copy to your computer.

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