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As I said in my previous post, I was thinking of recording a revision flashcard game for my students and I did it 🙂

First of all I should say it was harder than recording a story time video as it is a game and a game should be fun and engaging 😀 When you play it yourself it doesn’t feel like that, but again, I tried to add as many visual and audio effects as I can 😀 to make it a little more interesting for the kids.

I showed it to my 3 year old son first and he laughed at many scenes, then I decided to publish them. If he didn’t make any gestures, I wouldn’t bother 🙂

The games are both “slow reveal” flashcard games and I wanted to revise some colors, clothes and vehicles vocabulary.

Normally, in the classroom I cover the flashcards with a piece of paper; but I wanted to use more space and have more actions in the video so I used the outer space of the screen as if the cards are coming – flying from different directions.

This online – distant teaching adventure gave me an opportunity to create story time and game time videos like these. Now, I really like creating these videos and enjoy recording them even during my summer holiday 🙂

I hope my little ones watch and enjoy them, too.

If this is your first visit, you may want to have a look at my story time routine videos and read more about how and why I create them. You can check the “Story Time” hashtag and reach all 5 video posts.

Thank you for being here ^_^

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