Mini Book Time with Miss Islah | YouTube Video #2

Here is our second story time video. This time we read the story of Kaavpo and Ayo the Parrot taken from English Play Box 3 course book.

At the beginning of the story we learn that Kaavpo loves parrots and the next day he finds a parrot at his window! Ayo the parrot becomes is play mate till the day Kaavpo puts it in a cage. Ayo feels sad and doesn’t play with him anymore. Kaavpo gets angry and shakes the cage! Granny comes and helps him remember how parrots feel happy. He opens the cage and lets Ayo free… happy ending 🙂

The Topics and Structures recovered with this story: Days of the week, feelings, colors, some actions. “How are you today?” , “I’m happy” , Ayo can jump” , Kaavpo is shaking the cage”…

For the ones who didn’t read the first blog post let me explain how these stories became videos.

Normally, before the coronavirus break, at the beginning of every English lesson, we would sit together on the carpet (circle time) and take our mini story books and read the story just like in the video.

Obviously, we don’t have enough time to have our story time routine during our online lessons. So, I recorded our story time routine, uploaded it on YouTube, sent the link to the parents and asked them to have their kids watch it every day, with their mini books of course.

Here is the second video I have recorded for my kindergarten students:

If you want to learn more about our story time routine, you can visit the first post and read about:

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  • Why I did it
  • Does it work?
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Thank you for reading ^_^

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