Mini Book Time with Miss Islah | YouTube video #4

This time we are reading Luisha’s story from our course book English Play Box 3.

Story takes place in a kindergarten and as we understand, it’s home time. Kids are waiting for their parents to pick them up from school. Our main character’s name is Luisha. She is blind but she can hear very well. So, as the story goes, we ask her “What can you hear Luisha?” and she tells us which vehicle is on the way to school.

I like this story so much. It has a great structure and a very clever way to combine vehicles and family members vocabulary. Super useful.

By the way, with this video I’ve started to add some sound effects to my videos. I spend approximately 2 hours on editing these videos; but when I hear my students learning by watching them… it doesn’t matter you know. It’s well worth it…

The Topics and Structures recovered with this story: Transportation – vehicles, family members, “What can you hear? “I can hear a car.” “Sadie’s mummy is coming” “Luisha can hear something.” “Goodbye Luca, see you tomorrow.”

I feel that this story time routine YouTube video thing has also become our routine 😀 Kids are actually watching it and learning the structures and vocabulary pretty well. I didn’t expect “the YouTube effect” would work with my videos 😀 I liked that. If I keep on doing this don’t be surprised 🙂

If you are a newcomer, you may want to have a look at the first blog post where I tell all the details about this process, including these topics:

  • What does this mini book look like?
  • Why I did it
  • Does it work?
  • Story: Jeanne’s Birthday Party: Topics and Structures

Here is our 4th story video:

I’m not a Youtuber or wanna be and these videos are not perfect; but I really enjoy doing this for my students. I see that they like it and most importantly, they can learn by themselves so that I can have more time for including other activities during my online lessons.

But of course, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be happy if you subscribe to my channel 😀

Keep Calm and Read Stories <3

Thank you for being here…

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