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After I created my first Online Dress up Game and used it in my lessons, I had to prepare more of these games for sure. Here is the second listening game I’ve designed for my little ones: Online Feelings – Emotions game.

Online Feelings Game Google Slides Teachaboo
Online Feelings Game Google Slides Teachaboo

I designed this game as a “listening activity” which means all the instructions are in the game are “voice recordings”. Kids need to click on the “BUTTON” to listen where they are supposed to click.

Online Feelings Game

The game starts with Sam and Alice’s introduction. They say “hi” and give us the instructions to play the game.

There are 20 slides with 20 different school scenes and 15 different emotions.

You can let them play as it is or turn it into a speaking activity by asking questions about the school scenes or the characters. When we played this game the first time in the class, I asked lots of questions about everything in the pictures 😀 And as always, I ask kids to repeat everything they hear. This way, it took a lesson to finish the game. 😀

Here is the game in preview mode. You can click and give it a try. Have fun! 😀

Listening Activity Tracks

There are 20 slides with 20 different listening tracks. Here is the listening tracks in order:

  1. She is thirsty.
  2. He is excited.
  3. She is angry.
  4. He is bored.
  5. She is happy.
  6. He is sad.
  7. He is scared.
  8. She is sleepy.
  9. He is happy.
  10. He is surprised.
  11. He is tired.
  12. He is hungry.
  13. He is excited.
  14. She is sad.
  15. She is hot.
  16. He is ill.
  17. He is cold.
  18. He is angry.
  19. She is ill.
  20. She is calm.

Online Feelings Game Link

Here is the link you can use in your lessons. You can send it to your students or add it to your virtual classrooms.

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