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Distance learning has introduced us lots of digital resources for sure and liveworksheets is one of my favorites. I was sending kids online games and worksheets, especially listening activities that they can easily do by themselves. I wanted to create a folder for our favorite worksheets, that’s why I made this Favorite Worksheets Compilation Bitmoji Classroom. I’ve added it to our main classroom, already.

Favorite Listening Worksheets Bitmoji Classroom Teachaboo
Favorite Listening Worksheets Bitmoji Classroom Teachaboo

What is in the Favorite Worksheets Bitmoji Classroom?

There are only listening activities. I tried to include as many topics as I can. You can find numbers, animals, shapes, body parts, colors, vehicles, rooms of house, school objects, prepositions and some actions. I made custom changes to the Live Worksheets links so that kids can just do the activity and click to finish to see their result. So, there is no send it to the teacher option or no other fancy setting. Just do it and check your results.

Favorite Worksheets Compilation Bitmoji Classroom Teachaboo

From time to time I’m planning to change the worksheets. Whenever I see a cool new one, I’m gonna add it to the classroom. So, if you don’t want to wait for the changes and add your own favorite worksheets, you can download the COPY version and do whatever you want 😀

Click here to get a COPY of this Bitmoji Classroom.

or you can use this link to open the classroom in PREVIEW MODE:


If you know anyone who may need these educational worksheets, please feel free to send this link. You can also send it to your own students, it is already shortened and in preview mode.

That’s it for now ^_^ Thank you for being here <3

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