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As usual, I had some extra time and decided to create a new game. 😀 Now, in my Bitmoji Classroom, kids have 3 online games to play around. They love to spend time in the classroom as there are lots of things to click and find. Online listen and color the numbers game is gonna be perfect for them.

By the way, I have used one of my favorite characters “Pisaki and Usagi”. We start the game with Pisaki and Usagi’s introduction and in the main slides we see animated versions of them. Plus, all the instructions are given by Talking Tom and his friend.

Online Listen and Color the Numbers Game Teachaboo
Online Listen and Color the Numbers Game Teachaboo

Here is how our main Bitmoji classroom looks like. As you can see, there are lots of details and most of the things are actually other Bitmoji classrooms or online games like this one.

This online listen and color the numbers game is hidden in the “color palette” picture on the left corner of the classroom.

What does the Online Listen and Color Game look like?

In each slide there is a “Talking Tom” video giving kids instructions as in this format: “Number 5 is purple”. Kids listen to the color and supposed to find that paint can and click on it. When they click on a paint can and if the answer is correct: Kids jump in the slide where they earn a Star! 🙂 If it is the wrong answer, they find themselves in a “try again” slide and had to go back to the previous slide.

The active vocabulary of the game is “colors”. (There are 11 colors). It also means that, this game is perfect if you are teaching colors. On the other hand, kids are not supposed to know the numbers.

Target Vocabulary: 11 Colors

Passive Vocabulary: Numbers 0 – 10

My next game will be focusing on “teaching numbers” for sure. ^_^

Here is the link you can reach the game. You can send the link to your students or insert it in your own Bitmoji Classrooms. <3

Thank you for being here. ^_^

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