Welcome Back! A-Maze-ing Wall Display

Time flies! After a long break, we are back to school! Time to decorate our classrooms and get ready for the school.

As some of you know, each year I design a “hands-on” interactive welcome back to school board – wall display. Each year it gets harder to prepare though, as our student number increases, too 🙂 So, I spent lots of time to think of this one 🙂 But I like it to be original!

So, YES! This welcome back to school display – like the others – is original and you cannot find it anywhere online! Except for Teachaboo <3

The main idea of this year’s display is:

Kids should find their paper buttons to finish the maze as a team.

Let’s have a look at its step by step preparation process.

First, as you see the maze shows some letters “KALEV” which is the name of the school I work.

It is a font called MAZEY font and if you go to this website, you can actually write anything you want and then download its picture to your pc.


So, I wrote KALEV and downloaded it on my pc as an image.

We measured the wall it was 2.61cm, so it was easy to prepare the background of the maze (white construction paper biggest size x 5 pieces)

In the classroom, we stuck that huge paper on the board to reflect the KALEV maze font image with the help of the  Projector. Of course, it didn’t fit… So, we had to move it for each letter. Then, I traced the maze with a pencil (no no we are not crazy).

Meanwhile, my friends Deniz Aytekin, Simone Vagacs and Dilek Nekrasov were cutting out the paper buttons for each student and wrote their names on them one by one 🙂

[we spent a whole day to finish the display… so yes we are crazy 🙂 ]

When the tracing was over, we called some other teachers for helping us to color the maze in black, with board markers.

So, these are the fonts we have used:

You can also come up with other ideas using this Mazey Font, if you do, please share 🙂



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