Shapes’ Adventures by Miss Islah

Hi there, I know it’s been a while… But since I paused my teaching career, I’ve been doing some pretty amazing things for my little world. I’ve been writing and creating professional ELT materials! I mean, yes, I have always been doing this stuff, but come on! This time I’m doing it for Universal ELT Publishing which is founded by one of the coolest ELT guys of Turkey and he has been in this field for about 20 years. He started his own publishing company and guess what: He and his amazing team has been working so hard that in couple of years they have managed to create such a big archive – you should see it with your own eyes– and all of them are made by great teachers.

…and here is my baby: Shapes’s Adventures!

Shapes’ Adventures – Universal ELT

If you already know me, you would know that “I love kiddos” and my first job as an ELT writer / author was to create a “readers set” for very young learners.

As I’ve been teaching these little guys for quite a long time, this project was something that I just had in my heart for so many years, it just happened! Every page that I wrote, every activity that I thought (read it with the –every breath you take– melody) was already there somewhere in my memory luggage that I’ve been creating with my own students.

Who are these shapes?

So, in this series you will see 6 beautiful story books with 6 different main characters, all symbolizing something different. We have;

  • Virtual Star
  • Mindful Triangle
  • Chef Circle
  • Gamer Square
  • Curious Rectangle
  • Helpful Diamond

I feel like they are all my friends 🙂 I know, it sounds weird.

These characters are fun and they are not just teaching English vocabulary and structures; they are also giving some cool advice and lessons. Every course book has its “Values” part, so yes these books also have their own “Values” in their plots.

But the cool part for me is not only the stories but also the Teacher’s Guides. Each Teacher’s Book is about 50 pages; you may call me crazy but I created a 300 pages Teacher’s Guide for this lovely series.

Because, a story is never just a story.

This series also comes with flashcards, story cards, online games, cut-outs, 10 handouts for each book, drama scripts, extra activities (CLIL) and story read aloud videos like the ones that I have been recording for my own students.

I can talk about it for hours! But, I just wanted to write something about what I have recently been doing and this series is a small part of it right now. Because I am in the middle of creating a 4 level – Primary Level Course Book:

Rise up!

Coming soon 🙂

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