Bitmoji Virtual School | with a Video Tutorial

I spent my whole summer reading and watching Bitmoji Classroom tutorials and articles and finally when we reopened the school, I said why don’t we welcome our kids and parents back with a virtual welcome back to school message: Bitmoji Virtual School

So what I have done was totally insane! I collected everyone’s bitmoji avatars and then took our school picture and created our virtual school on Google Slides. Then, I asked everyone to send me a welcome message video or a pdf file so that when kids and parents click on our bitmoji avatars they can see our welcome back to school messages!

It took me hours to create this but when I heard some feedback from our parents and kids; it totally worth it! <3

You can click on the image to visit our virtual school!

bitmoji virtual school design
KALEV Virtual School 2020-21

Here is a short “how to” video that I created to show you the process. It is both in Turkish and English. Hope you find it useful.

I also created my virtual bitmoji classrooms to share all our educational and fun content with my kids. Soon I will be sharing all the details about it. So, please keep in touch!

Keep Calm and Bitmoji 😀

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    1. Same here 🙂 Maybe that’s why I’m trying so hard to make it cool for both kids and teachers 🙂

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