Hidden Shapes Bitmoji Classroom

I had a little extra time, so I sat and prepared a new Hidden Shapes Bitmoji classroom 😀 for my virtual classes. I’m not only sending these classroom to my students, I also use them in my online lessons. Sometimes kiddos ask me to send links from the chat box during the lesson which is so cute 🙂

Teachaboo Hidden Shapes Bitmoji Classroom

You can send this to your students or you can show it in your lessons and ask kids to find the shapes.

What can you find in the Hidden Shapes Bitmoji Classroom?

Here is how the hidden shapes museum looks like. I’ve added many shapes and hid my favorite videos in them! There are 41 videos hidden in this picture 😀 It sounds too much right? :/ Maybe I should delete some of them 🙂 So, whenever kids click on a shape they find, they will reach a song video about that shape.

Click on the image to see it in preview mode.

Hidden Shapes Virtual Classroom Preview Mode

On the right top corner you can see a magnifying glass with a question mark in it. When you click there it takes you to a “Hints” picture where you can see how many shapes are hidden in this picture.

Hint: How many shapes are there in the Hidden Shapes Bitmoji Classroom?

You can mention this to your students before they try to find the shapes or let them figure it out themselves. I’m planning to let them play first and show it if they struggle or can’t see some shapes.

Get the links for personal use

Click here to download a COPY of this Hidden Shapes Bitmoji Classroom.

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