Hidden Numbers Bitmoji Classroom

I gotta confess this: I’m addicted to Bitmoji classrooms! 😀 Whenever I have a little extra time, I start to think about the next one! I guess this is just because of the countless hours I’ve spent playing SimCity when I was young 😀

After I prepared a Hidden Shapes Bitmoji Classroom and saw that kids loved to find hidden objects and had so much fun with it; I thought I need to create another hidden objects game like this one.

Find the Hidden Numbers Game – Bitmoji Classroom Teachaboo

What can you find in the Hidden Numbers Bitmoji Classroom?

The picture I used was perfect for hiding things and it could also be used as a speaking activity. I call it “The Funky Playground”. 😀 In this picture there are many things to talk about as everything looks unusual!

I hid 11 numbers in this playground: Numbers 0 – 10. Why not 20? Because it was gonna be too busy, so I just dropped that for another classroom 😀

Click on the image to see it in preview mode.

Hidden Numbers Bitmoji Classroom Teachaboo

I’ve started my lesson by talking about the picture. I asked questions like “What is this girl doing? Is there anything strange in the dog house? Can you see the granny? What is she doing? What is the girl eating?” etc… While talking about the picture, kids started to recognize some numbers and showed them to me. I didn’t do anything about it just nodded and skipped as “finding hidden numbers” was the second part of my lesson plan.

After talking about the picture, I asked them if they can show me the numbers they saw. Then, in a numerical order we found and showed all of them.

When you click on the numbers, you can watch a Sesame Street video about that specific number you clicked on. All of the videos are from Sesame Street! They are my favorites! <3 I grew up watching them and I wanted to have a little collections for my kiddos to enjoy.

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