Numbers 1 to 10 Bitmoji Classroom

These days we are practicing numbers with our little ones; while I was searching for some nice videos and activities about numbers 1-10, I found so many of them! So, I said to myself: Why don’t we send a Numbers Bitmoji Classroom to the kids? Right?

Numbers 1-10 Bitmoji Classroom

At first, I was gonna send this classroom I found here. This teacher is amazing! If you have time, you should check her bitmoji classrooms! Wow!

But then I realized that I wanted to add more and more and more…. So, I spent nearly 10 hours while trying to create my own version 😀

But it totally worth it!

What can you find in the Numbers 1-10 Bitmoji Classroom?

There are 11 different slides here!

Each number has it’s own classroom, so it makes 10 PLUS I’ve added a bonus classroom which I named as “Numbers Numbers Everywhere” In this extra classroom, there are mixed videos about numbers 1-10 and also some nice numbers 1-10 online games from

Each number classroom includes a “how to write” video, “how to create that number with play dough” video and the best videos I could find about numbers 1 to 10…

Numbers 1 to 10 Bitmoji Classroom Preview

Click here to download a COPY of this classroom.

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Thank you for being here ^_^

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