Phonics Bitmoji Classroom

I’m finally sharing my Fun Phonics Bitmoji Classroom with you!

phonics bitmoji classroom

We have started teaching the alphabet, sounds and sight words to our first graders. We are following this sounds order you can see in the picture below (you can click on the image to download the Genki English posters freebie from Genki English’s own website).


I’ve created a fun phonics Bitmoji classroom following this sound order.

Each letter / sound will have it’s own Bitmoji classroom. For now, I will be sharing /s/ , /i/ and /t/ sounds Bitmoji classrooms with you.

You can check out my Linktree to visit or download all the other Bitmoji Classrooms I’ve created so far. Here are some of the Bitmoji Classrooms who have been downloaded many times by teachers:

bitmoji classrooms

What can you see in our Fun Phonics Bitmoji classrooms?

As you can see in the picture, all of the clickable images take kids to a video, book, handout, game or anything related to that specific sound.

Click on the image to see the latest changes in the Phonics Bitmoji Classroom.

how to use phonics bitmoji classroom
Click on the image to visit our Fun Phonics Bitmoji Classroom in Preview Mode

There are also 2 clickable images which take you to our Gonoodle classroom and our Mindfulness classroom.

Click here to download a COPY of the Phonics Bitmoji Classroom.

As I said before, whenever we finish a letter / sound with my students I will be adding a new Fun Phonics Bitmoji Classroom to the collection. If you are interested to see them or use them, please keep in touch ^_^

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